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Zhuzhubbond, a cross-border social e-commerce company dedicated to discovering and sharing good brands and products around the world And share. zhuzhubond focuses on explosives and selected operating concepts, and currently sells products covering beauty, makeup, home appliances and other major categories. With the development of modernization, the old image is slightly outdated, it can no longer fully meet the needs of the development of Zhuzhubond, and the brand system is imperfect and the export is not uniform. In response to the problems faced by Zhuzhubond, we have re-branded and upgraded our brand. Since it is an e-commerce social platform, the logo is not just a simple figure, it should have carrying capacity, unity and extensibility. It can not only reflect the brand tone of Zhuzhubang, but also cover the division of multiple fields and categories. Therefore, the logo we take the shape of "pig" as the prototype, the shape of the nose is integrated into the shape of the Internet cloud, representing a cloud business model, hoping to reflect the brand connotation of zhuzhubond with simple and powerful graphics. The color of the year is the 2019 popular color-Coral Orange, which is extremely inclusive, energetic and positive, warm and comfortable, and conveys a vibrant experience in a soft way.The original intention of this theme stems from a phenomenon that exists in life, that is, "sitting" in life has become a habit, and "walking" has been ignored by most people. People spend most of their day "sitting", even when they are idle, outside, inside, out of the house, walking and sitting, often have newer feelings and feelings. So, how does it feel when you go out for a walk? Based on this idea, I wanted to start with the five senses of people, and conceived 28 groups of words to design through the feeling that "walking" can bring us.


BEST STUDIO committed to creative fields such as visual art, brand design, font design, poster design, etc. We advocate the combination of artistic thinking and business logic, and hope to explore modern design through multi-dimensional thinking, pursue visual works that can trigger thinking, and create an effective visual language.

BEST STUDIO & 白色至上设计致力视觉艺术、品牌设计、字体字型设计、海报设计等创意领域。我们主张将艺术思维与商业逻辑相结合,希望通过多维度思维探索现代化设计,追求能引发思考的视觉作品,打造有效的视觉语言。

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